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Hepworth Rail

Meeting the challenges of rapidly developing technology alongside the stringent demands of the modern rail industry, Hepworth Rail have a reputation synonymous with quality and reliability.

The wiper system is designed for each customer’s specific requirements to give maximum swept area, utilising the best combination of components from the following ranges;

Range Selection

  • Linkage systems

  • Suppressed systems

  • Custom built systems

  • Motors

  • Arms

  • Blades

  • Wash equipment

Design & Application Service for rail vehicle builders and maintainers

Hepworthrail provide a design facility to builders of new rolling stock as well as refurbishment of existing vehicles, where replacement of existing pneumatic or existing electric systems is required, for the following types of vehicles

  • High Speed Trains

  • Locomotives

  • Electric Multiple Units

  • Diesel Multiple Units

  • Metros

  • Trams