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Control Panels

A complete range of control units are available, from single to multi operational which can be flush or bulkhead mounted. Voltages from 24v to 110v are covered, and panels combining reliable and independant control for any number of wipers can be supplied.

Each element of the control panel undergoes extensive testing and measurement to comply with EMC regulations, guaranteeing that they do not cause electrical interference to neighbouring equipment.

NEW CT10 Series Wiper controller unit

Solve your windscreen problems in a very easy way.

Coordinate the wiper movements synchronizing brushes, having the same harmonious effect you get in cars.

* wipers all together (general ON/OFF) or one by one (single ON/OFF for each wiper).
* automatic washing program.

Visualize selected intermittent level, motors state, low washing liquid level, parking switches damaged.

Versions from 1 up to 5 wipers in a single electronic unit, 12 or 24 Vcc power supply.

Fit for any kind of motors.
Motors are driven by a relay-box connected to the electronic unit by a simple multipole cable.

Robust - a polyester frontal mounted on a 3 mm aluminium protects the unit against water sprinkle or dust.

WITHOUT Wiper controller unit CT10

WITH Wiper controller unit CT10